What we do

Neptune Recyclers is involved in the collection, shredding, recycling as well as exporting of recyclable waste, thereby providing a Total Recycling Solution to its clients. Recycling contributes to reducing the collection of waste and protects the environment in many ways.

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Collection of Recyclable Waste

No more storing of waste paper on your office, store room or even at home! Our fast and friendly service ensures timely collection of recyclable waste from within Colombo city limits and suburbs, helping keep the environment clean.

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Exporting Raw Waste

Solid waste material created by Industrial and Commercial sectors can be a hassle, creating inconvenience for employees. Instead of you dumping it in the landfills, we send these waste items to countries that recycle them and re-use them.

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Shredding Services

So you need to get rid of documents which may have confidential information? Neptune Recyclers specializes in this service by shredding and destroying your documents in a secure environment friendly manner.

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What can you do

Do your part to reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of disposables. Buying products with minimal packaging will help to reduce waste. And whenever you can, recycle paper, plastic, newspaper and glass. If you aren’t doing it already talk to us and get a free recycling bin for your office and home. By recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. What more can you do? Share information about recycling with your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and take opportunities to encourage others to contribute to a greener environment and a better future for generations to come.

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