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Plastic and Polythene


Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastics and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state. For instance, this could mean melting down soft drink bottles and then casting them as plastic chairs and tables

Plastic is probably the perfect product to recycle.
• Plastic is made from a rare, expensive and finite resource – petroleum.
• If disposed of unwisely, plastic adds to environmental pollution.
• Recycled plastic can retain all its original qualities.

Benefits of plastic Recycling.
• Conservation of non-renewable fossil fuels – Plastic production uses 8% of the world’s oil production (4% as feedstock and 4% during manufacture).
• Reduced consumption of energy.
• Reduced amounts of solid waste going to landfill.
• Reduced emissions of carbon-dioxide (CO2), nitrogen-oxide (NO) and sulphur-dioxide (SO2).

  • PET

  • PVC

  • HDPE

  • LDPE

  • PP

  • PS

  • Post-consumer polyethylene terephthalat
    Poly Vinyl Chloride
    High Density Polyethylene
    Low-density polyethylene

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