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We undertake the recycling / shredding of the following solid waste material; all types of paper based material, Box Board, Old Corrugated Cartons, Printing Off cuts, Textile Tubes and Tea Sacks

Waste Paper Grades
There are eleven main waste paper grades, which affect the quality of the end product – 100% recycled paper: the grades are identified by their distinguished differences.
Waste paper once baled are categorized according to the grades, labeled by their respective grade (for easy identification upon arrival at the port of destination) and deposited at our stores.

  • OCC

  • NCC

  • SK/TS

  • TT

  • POC

  • BBC

  • WC1

  • NBC

  • SOP

  • Laminating

  • Old Corrugated Cutting
    New Corrugated Cutting
    Sack Kraft / T. Sack
    Textile Tube
    Printed Off cut
    Box Board Cutting
    White Cutting
    Notebook Cutting
    Sorted Office Paper

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