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Electronic Waste


Ground level research and studies have now been completed to venture into e-waste recycling.
Hazardous types of material used in electrical equipment are dangerous to be stored at offices or homes due to the harmful effects on humans and the environment. We collect these hazardous waste materials through all our projects and recycle a substantial amount of this waste material in Sri Lanka itself.

What is E-waste?
E-waste or Electronic waste, includes spare, outdated, or broken electrical or electronic devices discarded from office complexes and homes. These can include mobile phones, computers, TVs, LCD devices, refrigerators amongst other electronic devices. Disposing batteries in garbage is dangerous for the environment as they may contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium or mercury, which can cause health hazards. Neptune Recyclers is involved in the collection of these materials and carrying out recycling, and/or exporting in raw form.

Free of Charge Services: supply of Recycling Bins and collection recyclable waste material within Colombo city limits and suburbs.

  • Mother Boards

  • UPS

  • Processor Chips

  • RAM

  • Cables

  • CRT Monitors

  • Server Boards

  • Printers

  • Mother Boards
    Uninterrupted Power Supplies
    Processor Chips
    RAM Chips
    CRT Monitors
    Server Boards

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