Our Processes

Through the state-of-the-art technology used at our commercial recycling facility, we offer shredding and recycling of residential and commercial paper waste material in Sri Lanka. Neptune Recyclers follows an environmentally friendly process in its operations and strongly believes that being eco friendly in their manufacturing process is the way forward into the future.

Products we recycle

Technologies and Methods

Industrial Shredding Machines

Capable of Shredding a maximum of 1000 Kg’s in a short span of one hour.

Baling Machines

These machines are used to compress the paper into bale form which makes it easier to transport.

State of the Art electronic weigh bridge

The electronic weigh bridge is used to weigh the waste paper collected by our collection vehicles to monitor the weight of paper being sent for recycling.

Moisture testing machines to monitor bale temperature

These machines are used to evaluate the level of moisture in the baled paper. Ideally the moisture level should be below 0.5 degrees to ensure the paper is fit for recycling.


Processing Plant in Sedawtta, Sri Lanka

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